Terry Sanders
Executive Director
Lisa Roark
Fiscal Director
Sheryl Roberts
Corporate Services Director

Agency Documents

Amy Foster, Lisa Roark, Kelsey Tooley, Jennifer Wake, Kathy Hickson, Sheryl Roberts, Ruthie Lee

Staff:  Kelsey Tooley, Jennifer Wake, Amy Foster, Lisa Roark, Sheryl Roberts, Ruthie Lee and Kathy Hickson.


Communities throughout the South Central Ozarks in which:

The opportunity and resources are present for individuals and families to move

from poverty to self-sufficiency.

Where all citizens are empowered to realize their full potential and participate

in decisions that affect them and improve their lives.

Communities mobilize broad partnerships involving the public and private sectors

together with those affected, to build full individual, family or community self-sufficiency.

Admin Staff


Our mission is to coordinate and provide services for people with needs so that they can
improve their quality of life.


Caring and empathy for all we serve.
Honesty and integrity in all we do, utilizing our resources wisely.
Concern, respect, and teamwork among co-workers.
Commitment to provide an appropriate referral to those we are unable to directly serve.